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Awakening the Cosmos Within: A Deep Dive into the Mystical World of Starseeds

Star seeds are old souls who come from different planets, galaxies and other realms of existence.


What distinguishes star seeds from us is the level of advancement that they're at. Starseeds are pretty light years ahead in terms of evolution of consciousness, but specifically evolution of technology and science.

And what star seeds do is they come into planet earth to assist humanity and the planet in the shift in consciousness, into its own evolution.


Now, the majority of star seeds are benevolent. They're not all benevolent, but for the purposes of today, I'm only going to be talking about the benevolent star seeds, because those are the ones that we really need to focus on the most because the idea is for you to be able to find yourself in one type of star seed.


Starseeds are here to help. And even the ones that aren't here to help, they really don't bother much, especially when people wake up. Because if you are awaken you can feel the negativity in people, you can feel the low vibrating vibes, energy and you repel these people.


Starseeds chose to have a human experience to help humanity. Starseeds are residents of higher Dimensions that specifically incarnated into a human physical experience with the intention to help raise the collective consciousness of humanity.


Those that identify with the term starseed are not immune to The Human Experience in any way. They still have their own trials and tribulations, their own life challenges along with their own Karma and healing Journey that needs to be completed as well as unique overarching themes that are specific for their own spiritual growth and spiritual journey.


There are so many here at this time that it truly is not even a special Club. All people need to do to be able to identify whether or not they feel like they are a starseed is to look within and examine whether they feel a very strong Mission a very strong purpose towards being able to help heal the Earth as well as raise the collective Consciousness.


So, this list isn't exhaustive, but it's going to give you some of the top signs of a star seed.


The first sign of a star seed, probably the most, popular one of all is that you don't feel like you belong here.


A lot of the star seeds that I've contacted with this is the number one thing they say, the feeling of being out of place. They just do not fit. They feel like they don't belong. They actually feel like outsiders. Even in their own family. They feel like they're the black sheep of the family.


They are completely different sometimes from the rest of their siblings, from their parents. A lot of times they don't even look like their family.


And this is normal because when you're a star seed, you're not actually from here. So having that sensation of not belonging is really, really common. Many of them also feel homesick even when they are home.


Another sign is discomfort in the body. A lot of times they don't feel comfortable in their avatar. This often happens when they haven’t had a lot of incarnations in human form.


Remember that other realms have a higher vibration from our 3D reality so this feel uncomfortable. It’s too intense for a star seed, especially the aspect of humans, being very emotional beings and emotions being felt in the body.


When a star seed awakens, especially when they awaken they can change very quickly,

their pace of transformation is just totally accelerated. They can shift and change their energy much faster than a non-star seed.


They go through processes of Ascension and acceleration that are so much faster than regular humans. And that's precisely because the star seed comes already imbued with very accelerated energy system.


When they awaken and find out they're a star seed, then that transformation even gets faster.


Another sign is memories of other planets. Sometimes star seeds can be meditating, and they can have visions of actually where they come from, or they can have dreams, detailed dreams of different locations, completely different planets in places that are totally different from planet earth. This is very common with star seeds.


I’ll tell you a personal story. The first time I heard the term starseed it triggered something in me. I don’t know if I am able to describe it better than just the fact that there was something that I needed to know more about.


I became obsessed with googling the term and finding YouTube videos about this. This was before TikTok, so I did not go down that rabbit hole thank goodness. Anyhow, all the information I found was ok but left me feeling that there was more. Even all of the descriptions of the different starseeds it was like yeah it could be but… I don’t know.


Then one day I was listening to a video on YouTube and the person said Lemuria. I remember exactly the moment it happened. I was cleaning my bathroom, she said Lemuria and I stopped and was almost frozen in time. I heard myself saying out loud that’s it, that’s it. She gave a short description of a Lemurian, and it was like she was describing me! It was bizarre.


Then I started looking for more videos specifically about Lemuria and I found one that discussed the technology that Lemurians had developed. And it was like Deja Vu. I could not explain to you even right now what those were but as the person described the technology, I could see it in my head and recognized everything.


Like when someone says something to you, and you know exactly what they are talking about but before that you would have said that you did not know. Like that! Crazy!


Anyhow, starseeds sometimes when in meditation or in dreams, or sometimes just in regular waking day life, they can remember, or they can see details of where they come from. And places that are completely different from planet earth and from even our galaxy.



Another common sign is looking up at the sky. This one's a really common one especially when a star seed is a child.


A lot of times, people talk about their childhood, they'll say, you know, when I was a little girl or when I was a little boy, I was a little bit of a loner and I'd just stand in front of the window and I'd be looking up at the sky, just looking at the stars and looking up at the sky.


If this has happened to you, especially as a child, there's this fascination with looking up at the stars, looking up into the sky that's another sign of being a star seed.



You're sensitive!

The majority of star seeds are what's known as empaths or HSPs highly sensitive people.

They have to be sensitive, and they come prepared to be empaths are HSPs because their sensitivities then help with the transitions and all of the things they're trying to help down here on planet earth.


So, if you're an empath or an HSP, that's another sign that you may be a star seat sign.



Sense of purpose.

The majority of star seeds are here to help humanity. And so they have a really, strong sense of purpose and that sense of purpose will drive their whole lives. Especially when a star seed awakens, they'll even start going after that purpose, walking towards their life purpose and their mission with a lot more intention, they really focus.


And it's because they're programmed to be down here helping. And so that mission and that purpose will always drive them whether they're awake or not, but especially when they awaken their sense of purpose increases even more.


Star seeds very frequently will feel like an old soul.

They feel like they've been around the block quite a few times. They're really intelligent, they have a lot of wisdom that goes beyond their years and it's because they're from more advanced civilizations.


They've incarnated in so many different realities and in so many different planes of existence. And so, they have this feeling of being an old soul.

And the last one is seeking to expand. So, a star seed is constantly expanding because their energy moves so quickly because they grow so quickly because they expand so quickly. They are constantly looking to learn.

A very common trait of a star seed is being lifelong voracious students. They love to learn new things. They love to expand. They love to grow. They love to develop themselves. This drive to, to expand is very, very imbued in a star seed.




Species of starseeds


There are hundreds of starseeds so I’m just going to name a few the more common we hear about. Starseeds like humans cannot say that they come 100% from one place. Because we have migrated so much, we are not only from one place.

When we say for example that someone is Puerto Rican, we know based on the history of Puerto Rico that we had an indigenous people from the island called the Tainos when the Spaniards came to the island and with them, they brought people from Africa and they all mixed together. So, a Perto Rican is going to have at least that genetic mix. So, I am from Puerto Rico as much as I am from Africa and from Spain. I identify as Puerto Rican because all my grandparents, my parents and myself were born in the island. But I could identify as being from all three and I would still be right.

In the same way many starseeds species migrated at different points for different reasons. Sometimes because planets were dying, entire species needed to move. But if we also take into consideration different incarnations, we all have lived in different places on the earth, we have been different races and we have been into different planets. So, there are some physical traits like we have today, in this incarnation but there is always going to be a place where we have felt most comfortable for whatever reason.

Like Crystal went to the UK and felt at home. Why? Who knows she just does. I am sure, 100 percent sure that I have incarnated in many planets but Lemuria feels like home.

So, whatever species of starseed “calls you” belongs to you, which does not mean that you have not been in other planets also.

Orion starseeds come from the Orion constellation.

  • scientific beings – you’ll be interested and intrigued in all things science, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, etc.

  • very intelligent and mostly driven by mentality

  • mental but not emotional beings: here to learn how to love and experience emotions

  • great sense of humor, can be the life of the party

Arcturians are a type of starseed from the star Arcturus, a red giant located in the Boötes constellation.

  • Great public speakers

  • leaders in their communities and workplaces

  • Highly passionate about technology

  • Don’t fear death

  • sometimes come off as arrogant or having a big ego

Pleiadeans are a type of starseed from the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades consists of many stars but in particular seven bright stars. You will see several oracle cards referring to the seven sisters, they are referring to these seven stars.

  • Gentle in nature and meek mannerisms

  • Soft spoken and polite

  • Humanitarians

  • Empathic: feel and take on others’ energies, can transmute when they are in alignment

  • Often tall and slender with blonde hair and blue eyes (though this varies by individual, remember!)

  • May have Norse or Northern European ancestry/DNA

Draconian starseeds are from the Draco constellation. Draco means dragon, therefore many Draconian starseeds are linked to dragons and reptiles of various kinds. Some of these include the grays and the reptilians.

  • drawn to science, math, and technology

  • leaders in their fields and communities

  • don’t take kindly to authority higher than themselves

  • when they’re not in alignment, can be money-hungry and manipulative

  • when in alignment and from a higher dimension, want to unite people and work towards a common goal

Sirian starseeds

Ancient Egypt, African tribes, and other people have legends and connections with the Star Sirius and with good reason. It’s the brightest star in the night sky

  • drawn to lost civilizations and ancient cultures

  • drawn to the star system Sirius

  • have a love for canines: dogs, wolves, etc.

  • “salt of the earth” type people: spiritual individuals that also embrace the ways of the earth

  • even-keeled, very hard to anger

  • don’t express their emotions well; have a hard time with communication in relationships; may seen “closed-off”


Lemurian was a land prospering with advanced technologies and culture. They are said to be the most committed to innovation during their time.

Lemurian starseeds are believed to originate from the lost civilization of Lemuria. Lemurians are nature lovers with a strong connection to the Earth.

Origin: Lemurians are souls who have reincarnated from the advanced land of Lemuria once existing in the Pacific Ocean.

Characteristics: Lemurians possess a deep sense of nostalgia for a lost paradise and a desire to create a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. Lemurians are drawn to anything that allows them to connect with the Earth’s energy.

Some people say that after Lemuria disappeared the people migrated to the depths of Mount Shasta where they are still living.


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