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Tarot Reading

Feeling stuck, want to have a peak ahead? I use a combination of Tarot and Oracle cards to answer all your questions. 


Spirit Release Therapy (SRT)

Is an energy clearing modality where the medium looks at all the energetic and physical elements of the individual to be cleared. 

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Reiki Healing

Reiki moves and aligns your energy with universal energy to help you heal. 

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Your Year Ahead

Have a month-by-month Tarot reading! 


Individual Sessions 

People sometimes face difficulties in their everyday life, relationships, career choices, general wellbeing, managing stress or finding your purpose. Sometimes just talking to the right person can help. 


Twin Flame Healing

The medium will look at your twin ring and check the energetic connections 

if there are any. 


Tarot Classes For Kids.

Let your kids explore the world of tarot. 

Kids are naturally good at tarot because they are more used to their imagination and making up stories.  Kids will learn with fun and games! 


Learn Tarot

Do you want to learn to read tarot like me? I can teach you. Tarot doesn't have to be overwhelming. I have developed an easy and fun way to learn tarot. You will be reading in no time! 


Unblocking Limiting Beliefs

Use this unique guided meditation to unblock as many limiting beliefs as you want. Use over and over to continue your healing journey! 

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Spiritual Recalibration Therapy For Health

We will use dowsing to heal the physical body. We will look at all the systems and will give you a suggested remedy. This will realign and recalibrate all your systems for optimum wellness.


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