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Exploring Past Lives and Reincarnation: Soul's Epic Journey

What are past lives really? What we are talking about here is reincarnation. Reincarnation is when the soul decides to have a new life, here on earth or on another planet to have new experiences.


Many people say that we come into a new lifetime to learn something. And while that is partially true, that is not the whole story. We are here for two reasons, to be happy and to serve.


Humans are one of the few species that can feel a whole range of emotions including bliss, rage, happiness, sadness, all kinds of emotions including what we would describe as negative emotions which are not really negative it’s just a lower energy vibration. So, we come here to feel all of that and to serve.


Serving looks different to each one of us. Some of us will serve by being a great nurse, or a preacher, or a great stay at home dad, or a psychic or a teacher or a plumber or a trash collector.


Which all go back to being happy because as long as you follow your joy and do what you love, what makes you smile, you are serving your purpose.


Along the way we learn lessons! Lessons of different kids including karmic lessons. Those are the lessons we must learn because of something we did in this lifetime or a prior one.


Now it is important to understand that karma is not a punishment, it’s only cause and effect! There is a reaction for every action. Cause and effect, not punishment. The universe is not interested in punishing us. Some lessons we can learn having a good time. Lessons do not necessarily need to come through suffering.


These are some things that I have learned throughout the years of working with different people.


1 Your soul is on an epic journey. You do not come to earth just once. Your soul is on this epic adventure that includes many different realities, many different lifetimes, and it's on this epic adventure of expansion.


Your soul expands in the same way that the universe expands. And so, its evolution, is very much having to do with incarnating in different realities, different times, and different lifetimes.


When you look at your life, instead of thinking that your life is just this, try and expand your view and start to think of your current life as a small point in a continuum, an infinite continuum of many points or many lives that your soul comes here to experience.


2 You carry imprints from past lives.  

Your physical body and your mind right now carry imprints. What's known as energy imprints or memories from past lives, from things that you experienced in the past in all of your lifetimes, that you've been here on planet earth.


What that means is that, right now, your body and your mind are imprinted with wonderful things that may have happened to you in past lives and with things that you have mastered, with things that you got good at, with really positive, beautiful experiences.


So that's wonderful. But the bad thing about this is that your body and your mind are also imprinted with unhealed wounds from bad things that happened to you in past lives that you carried forward into this lifetime in the form of little imprints or energy.


Unhealed wounds that can be present in your body, in your mind, and in the chakras, the subtle part of you in your energy field, and your aura that surrounds your body.  


These energy imprints that are carried over from past lives can really negatively affect you in the present moment, which is why regressions are so important because they help heal all of the things that happened to people in the past.


Now, these energy imprints can be present in your energy system, your chakras and your aura, you can't see where they are at.


But at times they can actually manifest in the physical body in things that you can actually see. So, for example, it's common for people sometimes to have really big birthmarks that have to do with injuries that they sustained in past lives.


Sometimes those big port wine birthmarks or other birthmarks that people have in their current physical body can come from injuries and stuff that happened to them in past lives.


The way that an energy imprint manifests itself in the brain a lot of times is through intrusive, repetitive thoughts that are disempowering and very negative in nature. 


Irrational fears are another example of an energy imprint from a past life embedding in your mind. If you have an irrational fear of flying. This can be associated with a past life where you either died or were severely injured in a plane crash or something like that.


Another example of an energy imprint at the level of the mind can be having disempowering thoughts. For example, if you feel that you don’t deserve love or that you're not good enough for love. This can come a lot of times from past trauma that you had in past lives having to do with being abandoned by a partner or being heartbroken.


Those wounds can then carry forward and form thought patterns in this lifetime that aren’t actually coming from trauma that you had in this life. They come from the past. 


I remember a reading that I conducted some years ago, a woman came to see me and one of her biggest concerns was with her sister. They were both older ladies and her sister although she had met wonderful men, she was never able to make a relationship work. She also had acquired an extremely strict vegan diet to the point that she was starving herself to death and no matter what the family or even her doctor told her she was very compelled to follow this diet.


It turns out that in a past live this lady was a very strict nun, that had vows not only of celibacy but of consuming the minimum necessary to survive.


People like me have done this kind of work throughout many lifetimes. And if you were prosecuted or even burnt on the stake and you promised yourself that you will never use your powers and your gifts anymore those kinds of vows, promises are so intense that are very hard to break. But it definitely can be done. Especially if you recognize that you are not in that lifetime any longer and that it does not apply to you anymore. That you are safe now.


3 When you heal the past, you heal everything. Just because you carry these past life imprints or these unhealed wounds that may manifest in your physical body, your mind, or your energy system, it doesn't mean you have to live with them your whole life.


I have witnessed absolute miracles in people's lives when they access past life memories and are able to heal them.  


When you access a specific memory and you send light to that memory, that's how you heal a past life memory almost instantaneously. And what happens is you erase that wound from your timeline.


And when you erase the wound from your timeline in the past, that wound is now healed from the past, the present and the future.


Once that past life wound is healed, it heals in all directions of time across all your lifetimes. That's why this is so powerful to do this healing work in people's lives because your entire soul evolution can change just by a wound that you're able to heal from a past life.  


4 You're not stuck here. There are some spiritual traditions on the planet that view reincarnation almost like a punishment. Like you just keep coming here until all of your karma's paid off.


I don't view a reincarnation like that at all. And from all of the regressions that I've seen in myself and others, it's become very clear from the souls that I've connected with, that the souls come here voluntarily.


Your soul comes here on purpose voluntarily. And in fact, what I have heard from so many different souls through so many different regressions is that it's actually the earth plane is a prized reality. And that is because of the incredibly large range of emotions and physical sensations that humans are capable of experiencing.


Actually, there is a line for souls waiting to come here because there are many more souls than there are physical bodies on the planet.


Earth is this delicious reality that souls want to partake in. One of the reasons why the soul loves coming here is because planet earth is a very rare realm. It's a realm made of matter where we have not only physical matter, but we also have the possibility of evolving and understanding through emotion.


Emotional states are really important and powerful. Feeling emotions in a physical body is very rare. It's very powerful and it's a wonderful way that the soul uses to evolve and to expand on its multi-dimensional, expansive and evolutionary journey.


I’ll give you an example of what I’m saying. When you get married or have a child. The love that you experience for that other being you don’t only think it, you feel it in your body. I can remember when birthing my children, when the doctor put those babies on my chest my heart felt like it was going to explode with emotion and love. It was a physical sensation. Just like when your heart is breaking you feel it in your body also.


Most of the other realms of existence are not like that. We do because our planet, our 3D reality is very dense!


5 We forget past lives. When our souls decide to incarnate here in this earth plane, we have to play by the rules of this reality. One of them is called the veil of forgetfulness. And that means that when  a soul decides to take on a physical body, once the birthing process, the embodiment  process starts, there are energy veils that are put in place on this physical avatar that prevents  you from remembering where you come from, what has happened to  you, from remembering all of your past, and even from remembering that you're this huge  soul in this expansive, amazing universe.


But what the veil of forgetfulness does here is it gives you sort of a clean slate. When you start to learn new things, it feels as if you were doing them for the first time and have new experiences.


The veil of forgetfulness is not permanent and it's not static but is important. It’s there not to overwhelm you with all the knowledge not only from things like languages and math and technology but from experiences with people.


Remember that we travel in clicks. The people that are very important to you in this lifetime were probably important to you in other lifetimes. So, your sister now may have been your mother in one lifetime, your husband in another, your best friend and your boss in still another. If you could remember everything that that one person did to you in all the lifetimes together?..... Just imagine the drama!!!!!!!!!


The veil of forgetfulness can start to fall, especially if you ascend your consciousness and you start evolving. And that's precisely what happens when we do regressions.


When a person gets to a point in their evolution where they are ready to do past life work, when we're doing a regression, the veil of forgetfulness is falling and that person in an altered state of consciousness is able to access their past life timelines.


This can happen with a regression, but it can also happen naturally. There are already examples on planet earth of gurus or enlightened beings that come on planet, and they already know their whole history. They know where they come from, they know all of their past lives because the veil of forgetfulness was not necessary for them to incarnate.


But that happens to very, very, very few people. We are starting to see more and more examples of children who talk about their past life with their parents. I’ve seen it all over TikTok and in my opinion this is part of the great awakening and the fact that we are as we speak on the new earth. But even with all these examples for the majority of us, we are born with a veil of forgetfulness.


As we evolve, that veil of forgetfulness starts to fall. And maybe, pretty soon when we come to planet earth in the next lifetimes, we won't need that veil of forgetfulness anymore.


6 The soul plans out every life. Your soul, before you incarnate, has this beautiful review process where it starts to design a life, the next lifetime. And so, your soul meticulously designs each lifetime before it decides to incarnate in a physical body. It decides what kind of experiences it wants to have, what kind of adventures it wants to have. In what environment and with what kind of people.


Just because the soul has a plan doesn't mean that your life is predetermined. A lot of people ask me this. Your life is not predetermined. You don't just come here and do exactly what the soul had planned every single moment of your life, because what happens is because you have that veil of forgetfulness you, yourself, the human, forgets the soul’s plan. And that's okay.


If you come here and your human self is very connected to the soul self and you're able to follow through on everything that your soul has planned, that’s wonderful. Your soul feels really excited and really happy.


Most times that doesn't happen. Because sometimes your human avatar completely forgets the soul's plan and you go off on a different path than what the soul had planned, and that's okay. Your soul doesn't get mad at you. Because we have free will. So instead of getting mad at you it learns and it evolves through every experience.


It is also true that the soul does have what's known as the highest timeline or a preferred timeline. This is the plan that the soul has for you prior to birth. The more that you stick to this highest timeline, the more that you follow this highest path, the happier and fulfilled your human self is going to feel.


Because you always feel more excitement and more fulfillment when your human self is aligned with the soul self. When the soul plans out a lifetime. It also imbues the human self with a purpose or a mission.  That purpose is usually the most important thing that the soul wants you to do. 


That’s why I always tell people, don’t worry about those things, you are always going to be in the right place at the right time! Just follow your joy and everything else will fall into place!

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