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Rooted in Power: Discovering the Strength of Your Lower Chakras

The three bottom chakras are fundamental! We talked about this a little bit during my last live, so if you missed it is in the group go check it out.

Your chakras develop in a staircase from the bottom up.

A lot of mystical people and gurus tend to ignore the bottom chakras because they are spending their time up here and transcending an enlightenment which is great, but we must pay attention to the lower chakras because if you don’t then the upper ones are going to start malfunctioning!


First chakra / root chakra

The root chakra, often referred to as the base chakra, is linked to the Earth element, your foundation and physical identity, and is located at the base of the spine at the perineum, between the genitals and the anus.

The root chakra rules your pelvic floor, bones, large intestine, legs and feet, together with your relationship to the material world of matter and form, meaning the tangible, and is responsible for how grounded, secure and safe you feel in the world. Think of this energy center as your roots.

Your root chakra is associated with your primal needs for survival — food, shelter, safety — and controls your relationships with money, your family, and your physical body, and how you nourish yourself.

A malfunctioning root chakra may manifest physically in sciatica or knee problems and affect how grounded and rooted you feel on your feet as well as your stability, financial security and body image. Feeling greedy and heavy are the excessive qualities of the first chakra, while anxiety, fear, restlessness and being underweight are signs of its deficiency.

The frequency at which chakras spin and vibrate changes as your life happens and you experience love and joy, manage your stress levels and address challenges that arise.

When the root is balanced, you feel safe and body-aware, are filled with vitality and able to trust, as well as enjoy good health and abundance.

To help balance your root chakra, you may include grounding, walking meditations and bare feet earthing in your routine.

Nurture your body with self-care practices, including nutritious foods especially grounding root vegetables such as sweet potato, carrots and parsnips.


Second chakra / sacral chakra

Now that you feel secure and stable (qualities of the first chakra), you are moving into the abode of the second chakra, which is about meeting your needs and desire for pleasure.

The sacral chakra is associated with the Water element, movement and your emotional identity. It’s located in the pelvic bowl just in front of your sacrum, opening into the pelvic basin, encompassing the area between your sexual organs and the navel.

The second chakra governs your hips, inner thighs and reproductive organs, together with the urinary and circulatory systems.

Sacral chakra rules your desires, emotions, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and the need to create, whether it’s birthing your children or fostering your creative expression in the world.

When this chakra is unbalanced, your life may be controlled by impulsive behaviors, dissatisfaction with sex, relationships with poor boundaries, materialistic attachments and excessive need to control.

Tight lower back, kidney and urinary bladder issues, frigidity and impotence are physiological malfunctions of the second chakra. Self-indulgence, addictive behaviors and heightened sensitivity are signs of excessive sacral, whereas self-punishment, rigidity, low libido and emotional detachment indicate deficiency in this energy center.

When it’s balanced, you are able to express your emotions, establish healthy boundaries, experience pleasure, move with grace and fluidity and adapt to change when needed.

You may also want to explore exercises and activities that inspire your creative expression (e.g. journalling, art, drawing, dancing, playing music, cooking).

Third chakra / solar plexus chakra

The purpose of the solar plexus chakra is to inspire transformation; it opens from your lumbar spine (L2) into the navel, from which it extends to the solar plexus. It is of the Fire element.

The solar plexus relates to your digestive system, muscles and metabolism, as well as your self-esteem and willpower.

The goal of this chakra is to ignite your internal fire, strengthen your will to act, overcome lethargy and break through sluggishness and passivity. Indications of its malfunctions include poor digestion, diabetes and ulcers.

When in excess, this energy manifests in stubbornness, arrogance and insensitivity, while when deficient it may result in depression, introversion, heightened victim mentality and low confidence.

A balanced third chakra presents itself in a well-functioning digestive system, confidence, good self-esteem and living with playfulness, purpose and determination.


First chakra says I deserve to be here. I exist. I exist on purpose. I'm not some random coincidence of the universe. No, I came on purpose.



Second chakra.  As when I start to relate to people,  

This is where I start bonding. So, mom, or dad, grandpa, grandma, whoever's raising me. That's my first bond. That's when that second chakra first comes online.

Later on, possible romantic bonding with someone else. 


Third chakra. The Solar plexus. Here I am world.  

I'm starting to come into my power as me. The first chakra is me in the group. The first chakra is considered the tribal chakra me in relation to a group, whether it's a family,  

a culture. Second chakra me in relation to another person third, chakra me in relation to me. This is me in the world. I'm powerful. I have value. I have a lot to say.


Remember that you are a system within many systems and as such we should never forget any parts of our system. Having your third eye and your crown open is wonderful but we must never forget that without a strong foundation the top may very well crumble!


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