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Unlocking Higher Realms: Exploring the Power of Your Upper Chakras

The sound for the throat chakra is hum. All the chakras have a sound and a certain vibration


When our throat chakra is balanced, we are speaking Our Truth with kindness we're able to stand up for ourselves and express our needs and our wants.


We're also able to listen to other people's needs and wants. Remember that communication is talking and listening.


A lot of times in life we can move about the world and Shadow camouflage, hide some of the parts so the throat chakra when it is fully activated and balanced, we are really communicating in authenticity.


Loving all the parts whether those parts scare us or we have fear about them we can also honor them and love them.

If our throat chakra it's imbalanced on the other end of the spectrum you would yell and you scream at people.


Or maybe you gossip or you could really just speak ugly about people.


Have you seen those people that just cannot say anything nice about anybody or anything?


People that are just full of anger, and negativity and judgement!


A Karen comes to mind…….


I have some questions that can point to imbalances in your throat chakra


Do I often fail to keep promises?


Do I ever use my words to hurt others?


Do I use my words to try to empower others?


Am I expressing myself honestly?


Do others see me as aggressive or overbearing?


Do I find it hard to speak up for myself?


Do I dominate conversations?


This is a day-to-day thing. Every day is going to be different. Some days you may be able to assert yourself and tell your needs better than others.


Some days you may be really excited about something so you're not a great listener because you really have a lot to say!


What we're talking about here are patterns!


We're talking about something that's ongoing.


Every day be self-aware and intentional about your energy.


Also, if we are speaking our truth and someone says to you, you know sometimes you can come off a little aggressive you know a little unkind. And we don’t like it because that does not feel-good right?  but it’s the 400th person to say that!

There is obviously a pattern that I have created and so I had to look at myself and start to understand why and where that's coming from.


The third eye chakra, it really connects us to our intuition to our higher selves. When in balance you feel connected to your intuition and your purpose and you might feel like your life is meaningful. You also believe what you can see. You believe, you trust in the intangible.


And so if you're out of balance it might look you might be anxious or depressed you might not be able to trust that there is a higher power or that there's something outside of us.


You might have difficulty concentrating, you might have scattered thoughts you might not have a have a sense of an inner voice.


There is like this beautiful fine line about hallucinations and visions.


This is important to understand. The difference between having your third eye open, being a medium, being able to see spirits, ancestors, angels or any other being from a different realm and a mental health issue is in the content of the communication first, and second in the interference with your life.


I’ll explain. I’m a psychic medium, and people ask me all the time if I see spirits all around. I don’t. Because I have boundaries! This is crucial! Because I don’t want spirits popping up when I’m doing grocery shopping or having dinner with my girlfriends or on date night with my husband!

I have very clear business hours! You can show up when I’m working. Period! Now if whatever is going on can’t wait, and you need my attention right now you can show up. This rarely happens!


Sometimes when I’m teaching I can see my student’s  loved ones from the other side standing beside them but it’s not intrusive.


And that’s the big difference! When someone has schizophrenia, the voices and the visions are intrusive, it bothers them. They say things that are less than enlightening! If you have a spirit that is undemanding you, telling you to hurt someone or anything that is not positive you need to ban them from your energy.


Just send them away! Because this is not a high vibrating energy! My guides will never tell me, Yari go change you look stupid in that top! Because that’s not helpful to me and because they don’t care!



A lot of us when we open up our third eye we start to see into the future, we can see into the past, we can see energy lines on the body, auras, colors and so on and so forth.


It's so important for us to stay grounded in our bodies on the earth while opening the third eye. Remember GCP! Grounding, cleaning and protecting! Daily!!!!!!


Opening up and working on this chakra can also bring back the Dream Land for you and the dream Realms.


To help open this chakra is the decalcification of it. Many times you have a blocked third eye because it’s calcified!  And there's certain foods that you can use and eat to help decalcify.


We live in a world right now where chemicals are everywhere and in everything!  I try to eat everything organic and local! Your body and your third eye will thank you for it.


This is a side note. When you buy local you not only consume what is on season which will taste better, but you are going to be helping the small business in your area that are working so hard to thrive. Also when you consume things like local honey, this will help you combat allergies that are local to you because the bees in your area are consuming and processing those allergens! So go to your local farmers market and get all your fruits and vegetables from them. And the honey!


What can you eat to help decalcify your pineal gland?



·        Seaweed

·        Beets and beet juice

·        Aloe vera

·        Garlic

·        Leafy greens

·        Chaga mushrooms

·        Apple cider vinegar

·        Raw cacao

·        Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and blue-green algae

·        Iodine

  • Avocados

  • Bananas

  • Walnuts

  • Beans


Avoid processed foods!!!!!!!!! The more processed the worst! Also avoid fluoride!!!!!! You can purchase toothpaste without it.


Your body, your pineal gland and your waistline will thank you for it!

7. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used to stimulate the third eye, remove heavy metals from the pineal gland, and encourage tissue renewal. Some oils to use include:

·      Peppermint

·      Sage

·      Clove

·      Myrrh





There is also mindset. For example. It’s good to be a leader vs a follower. But there are times that you need to follow someone because it’s at work or because that person knows more than you. And that’s ok but be decerning of what and whom you follow. Don’t do it blindly!


Also, experiences or patterns that have created an unhealthy lifestyle.  If you are noticing that you don't like somethings about your life.


Like I have really trust issues so I'm not able to have a good relationship with anybody friends, lovers, whatever or

I have really not connected to my intuition I'm always asking people for advice because I'm not able to dig inside myself to come up with answers ever.


I'm always asking and getting reassurance from people about my decisions and that sort of thing and not trusting yourself you know and if these things have created something in your life where you feel uncomfortable with, that’s when you look into you know activating these healing modalities. Like shadow work!!!!!


But this is also an indication that your third eye is blocked.


 The third eye is all about the Unseen world.

A way to open, activate, balance and heal the third eye is with visualization, breath work and meditation.

Really taking that time to breath in and out of your nose and open up that visualization process for you and see yourself doing what it is that you want to manifest and then feel it so that is a way to support you and your energy centers.


At the end I’m going to share with you what I do to activate my third eye and keep it open.


The Crown chakra is located in the pituitary gland area, cerebral cortex and central nervous system.


 So, let's do the two fingers thing again.  You can start at the base of your hairline kind of in the center of your head and then just kind of work your way back and you also feel that dip. There is your crown chakra. To help activate you can massage it or tap it.


Word of advice. I always advise teaching all this things to your children will help them so much. But and this is very important. Never massage or tap on a baby’s crown. Babies have this area completely open, energetically and physically so you never want to touch that part until a year or a year and a half when this is physically closed.



So, when our Crown chakra is perfect and balanced it governs Oneness and Consciousness.


It’s when you understand you are connected to everyone and everything. And when I say everyone and everything I mean it. I mean that Karen that you despise, that politician that you would like to see disappear, the trees, the birds, the rocks, the chair that you are sitting on…. Everything!


For me it's one of the reasons why I became vegetarian.


It was the awareness of the suffering of the animal that I was consuming. I also believe that humans where not made to consume meat just by looking at the length of our digestive system and our teeth but that’s my own personal beliefs and not important here.


If you choose to eat meat, and that is perfectly fine, it’s a personal choice like so many others, have that awareness and the gratitude. Thank the animal for giving you nutrients to sustain your life. Honor the animal, and the plants that you are consuming. They are alive too!


Always, charge or bless your food and your water! So important!


Going back to your crown it’s that Oneness and so I'm able to look at a bee and understand that I'm connected to that bee I'm able to look at someone across the world and understand that we are connected.


We are living in a world of separation. Anything or anyone that uses the kind or language of we being different, and separation we need to detach from. We are one. We are one with the world, with the universe, with everything and everyone around us.


Don’t get me wrong. We are here to have a human experience. We are here to have a 3D experience and we can’t live out of meditation and breathwork. That’s not going to pay for the rent or your groceries.


We must do the 3D things. Go to work, pay our bills and do all the things. But we can do it with kindness and the oneness awareness.


Taking ourselves out of the material world and being able to see the bigger picture outside of the material world.


There's nothing wrong with nice things I like nice things. I have nice things. Not only that, we deserve nice things.  


Being attached to them is the problem. But in a way that is toxic to us. For example, my daughter says I’m in love with my car. And I think she has a point. But that is a positive attachment because I don’t let my car define me. I don’t stop being who I am for the kind of car I drive! If one day I don’t have that car It’s not going to stop me. I also don’t mind driving or riding in any kind of car. So, loving my car is not an issue because I don’t allow that to define me.


This oneness also involves the ego. Now ego has gotten a bad rap. Ego is not bad. It actually, is good. The ego was created to keep us safe. Ego tells us do this or do that so we stay safe. The problem with that is that sometimes the ego tells us to stay in a situation because it’s familiar although it could be toxic. Like staying at a job that we don’t like anymore because it pays good. Or keep us afloat. Staying in a relationship that we are being abused because what if the next is worse?


So ego look for similarities and tell us to stay away from for example people that are different than us because they are unknown to us so they can be dangerous.


If we are really good at something, our ego may tell us that we are better to keep us safe. Those are the parts of the ego that we need to be aware off. So, driving a nice car or having a masters degree does not make me a better person. It merely makes me having more education and maybe more resources or more debt!



A lot of people are having headaches, or issues with your nervous system, sleep, feeling tired even though you're sleeping for a good amount of time. Side note this may also be a deficiency of vitamin D. This is the vitamin that we get from the sun. Very few of us get enough sun exposure. So take your vitamin D guys!


Feeling depressed, lacking joy in life, weakened immune system.  


Fun fact! You can massage your big toe for your crown and your little toe for your third eye!!!!!


How to heal and activate your crown chakra?


We already said to massage or tap on it. You can work on your big toe. But the crown chakra is about inspiration.


Are you feeling inspired?

Are you inspired in life?


We can't eat purple things.


Also think about foods that look like the brain, cauliflower walnuts.


As far as physical practices meditation, breathwork.  

Using that as a way to quiet your mind and to connect to spirit.


Listen, having a daily practice is important. People tell me they are having all kinds of issues with their spirituality and one of my first questions is about your daily practice. The response I get more often is, I don’t have the time.


Well then it’s a matter of priority. You say that your spiritual path is important you must have a daily practice. That’s it. There is no way around that. If you want to talk to spirit you have to have a time to talk to spirit.


And if you don’t learn to quiet the mind you are not going to hear spirit because spirit is very subtle. I wish AA Michael would say her Yari you need to do this and that and the other today. Wouldn’t that be nice?   But it does not work like that. It’s little subtle hints.


If you have all kinds of noise in your head, you are not going to hear it. Because it's not going to be a scream it's going to be a talk and then it's going to be maybe just like a quiet little gentle conversation or a whisper. So, you need to quiet the mind so you get it when it comes.



Ask your favorite basketball player what do they do every day? They practice basketball! They will never say I ain’t got time for that!


So, this is important to you or is not? Choose!


All of this is hard work! We have to do daily practices, we need to do our shadow work, we need to work on our mindset and being positive. As positive as possible honoring and respective all of your feelings! We need to learn, learn, learn, learn. I have been doing this for a loooooong time. I learn new things every day. But I allow time for learning. I’m always taking classes, listening to podcasts or YouTube videos, I’m reading and I also listen to people, to my students because it doesn't matter how much I know there is always more to learn.


And you need to take care of yourself, you need to take care of your avatar. Treat it well. Your spirit chose it to take you on a 100 years adventure. You want it to last as long as you can!


Third Eye Activation


What I do and what can give you instant results is being able to put the attention on connecting the heart to the head. Now the reason for this is because they have shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. Do you know that you have about 40K neurons in your heart?


When many people are going about this process, they're only using the mental side of it. But if you were to apply the connection from the heart, it makes it so much more powerful.


Now in order to do this, what you can do is you can simply sit down however you feel comfortable, and put the awareness on feeling inside of your heart. What you want to do is you want to magnify that feeling.


If you have to put your hands over your heart you can, but you want to feel from your heart center. Now the next step is being able to imagine, using visualization and feeling, imagine it connecting, going up your neck, going through the back of your head, and going all the way to your third eye area, which is right in between above your eyes.


What you want to do is then focus on feeling and connecting that through visualization and also having the intention of connecting that. As you begin to breathe into it, and then you close your eyes and you look up.


That's a technique that's been around for thousands of years. Close your eyes, bring your eyes up almost as if you are looking at your third eye area. As you do that and you put the attention there, you will start to find that your thinking goes away, it allows you to then get to a much more present state.


Now the key to this is that, as you begin doing it, you are moving the feeling, the electromagnetic energy of the heart, and you are combining it to then become much more powerful. Then, as it moves up and you connect it to your third eye area, that's where you will begin to see results.


Some people may see results immediately. Most of us will take some time. Just practice. You want to do that for a few minutes. If you are meditating you can add this technique to your meditation for a couple of minutes at a time. Then you relax your eyes for another few minutes and do it again.


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