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When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Updated: Jun 6

Managing a Spiritual Emergency


Life can be challenging. No surprise there! But sometimes life can just pull the rug from under your feet and create such chaos that our lives change from one second to the next.

This is what I call a spiritual emergency. A spiritual emergency is a tower moment on steroids. You are living your life minding your own business and all of a sudden EVERYTHING changes.


The key here to identify if you are indeed going through a spiritual emergency is how sudden things happen, how fast they evolve, and the intensity of it all.

This is not I got fired from my job, or my partner ask me for a divorce, or my mother died. It's everything at the same time!

How to deal with a spiritual emergency?

Calm the fear.

This is crucial because the events that you are experiencing may leave you paralyzed.

It’s so disruptive that it can actually overwhelm you. And when you feel overwhelmed, you start to feel fear.

It is crucial for you to calm the fear because if you don't your system is going to go into overdrive, and the whole process is going to be so much harder.


You may actually have panic attacks and terrible bouts of anxiety because your system is already going through a difficult process and when you add the fear on top of it, it only takes the system into overdrive.

Fear is a very toxic energy and a toxic emotion for the human nervous system.

Fear wasn't made to be in our bodies for too long.

Our bodies cannot withstand stress for a very long time, before its start to break down.


It's essential for you to calm down, do everything that you possibly can to soothe yourself.


Whether it's breathing exercises, meditation,

just a bubble bath, talking to yourself, anything that you can do to bring the fear down.

Trust the universe, talk to the universe. Say, "I know what I'm going through, I'm going through a spiritual emergency.

Please guides, can you help me? I'm really going through a difficult time, but I trust you. I trust that I can go through this."


Observe with detachment.

From everything you do nothing is more important than this.

You can have this running mantra, observation without judgment, observation without judgment.


And the reason this is handy is because of how volatile a spiritual emergency is.


You could be feeling one thing one minute, then feeling another the next. Then your unconscious mind can be vomiting something from a past life that you have to deal with.


You could also be experiencing physical symptoms. All of this could be occurring at the same time, and it can be so overwhelming that the more aware you are to what is happening, the least lost you’ll feel.


This may take a lot of hours of meditation a lot of mindfulness, and a lot of repetition.


Just say, "I observe, I allow, and I let it go."

Get very good at observing the thoughts, watching them from a distance.

Almost like you're in a movie theater watching a movie on the screen and you're sitting back on your chair.


You never get up from a movie and go punch the screen or go get involved with the screen. No, because you know you're watching a movie.


This will allow you to make the choices as hard as they may be and take all the steps that you need to make with a clearer mind and detached from form and from an outcome.


When your nervous system is not overwhelmed you are going to be able to stand in your power and fight for what is right without becoming dramatic, emotional, or falling apart.


Ground yourself as much as possible.

Grounding yourself is important during a spiritual emergency because it is so disorienting.


There is going to be a point when you are going to feel that you have lost touch with reality.


You may experience difficulty even just sitting and meditating because when you close your eyes, you will feel in a different state of consciousness. All of the events that you are living through are going to come rushing in.


Remember that grounding can be achieved in many different ways so if meditating is not working go outside, go for a walk or a hike, or sit on the grass.


Touch the grass, touch the dirt the rocks. What you are doing is anchoring yourself in this reality by using your five senses.


Ask for help.

This is crucial. You are never alone; your guides and your angels are always with you. But having someone in the 3D reality that you can touch and talk to is going to be very beneficial.

Talk to a partner, friend, family member, counselor, spiritual advisor and even a medical professional if you are experiencing physical symptoms that are scary to you.


This can also be shamans, energy healers, transpersonal psychologists (a psychologist that has understanding of what a spiritual emergency is). Or physicians and medical professionals who understand what a spiritual emergency is and

can help you with that.


If you are going through a spiritual emergency right now, there's nothing wrong with seeking help. Please do. Don't isolate yourself. But be aware of well-intentioned people that may not understand what you are going through and reflect their fear onto you and may end up making things even worse.


Lastly remember that nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.


Take care of yourself and remember that there are a lot of people who love you out there.


Love and light

Yari! 💗

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