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How to make them miss you!

How do you make someone miss you? There are a couple of ways to make someone miss you. There is manipulation, you for example play in their voids, fears and weaknesses. You are feeding their trauma, usually childhood trauma which makes them feel insecure, so they look for that validation from you. You can always do that, and it will work for sure but then that is the only kind of person you are going to attract. A person with issues and weaknesses that then you are going to have to deal with. Also, is not authentic. And energetically speaking, or humanly speaking, but especially energetically speaking, you really don’t want to do that because you are not being who you are. You are playing games that then you are going to have to keep up. And let me tell you, Karma has a GPS. Karma will find you no matter where you hide!

So what you want to do is fill your own cup! Fill it to the brim! Because then you can filter out the people that really resonate with you and those who don’t. There’s a difference between emotional availability and codependency. And sometimes we may confuse them. So, whereas if you are being emotionally available for someone and it's authentic and it's healthy,

because you're also taking your own needs into consideration, then what you'll find is if somebody doesn't resonate with that and he does slip through your fingers, that's not a bad thing. You're literally weeding the good from the bad.

You are weeding out the ones that might only respond to the manipulative tactics. And maybe they want the dopamine hit

of somebody who's there and then not there. And that they have to like constantly fight for.

So, one thing you want to be aware of with this with yourself is what is my energy coming forth here?

Is it that I'm codependent and I want their approval or their validation or am I just emotionally available and I also feel confident within my own self?

The difference is you don't need it.

You don't need their approval and validation.

And realize if you express your true desires and you become vulnerable and they don't like it or they aren't for it they will weed out. But that's a good thing.

The key to this is not focusing on trying to get someone to feel pain, because we feel pain.

The key to this is being the real you and being vulnerable, opening up your heart, maybe being emotionally available

and knowing that if they do leave, then that's on them, not you. We're not trying to attract people, based on manipulative energy.


One thing you can do, especially if you are trying to disengage or forget someone is stopping communication.

For some people that might mean blocking or unfollowing or muting.

You need to realize that when you were thinking about somebody, you are literally sending them energy that they can feel.

Now, the thing is if you're consistently thinking about someone, even if you're not reaching out to them and actually physically sending a message, they can feel that projection of energy. And if you are projecting energy at them, what happens is they feel that and they many times will resist, especially if it feels like it's manipulative, it's trying to control them.

So, one thing you want to do is you want to reel your energy back.

When you reel your energy back and you make the choice that you're going to go into your own space, into your own energy you're going to do what you love.

It's a completely different energy.

Start putting that energy into your purpose, your hobbies, yourself. And then the energy shifts.

And normally what will happen when you begin to take your energy back is they are going to feel it.

So now you say ok I’m going to do what Yari says and then they're going to miss me more and that's the goal.

That's not the goal. The goal is for you to take your energy back. To put your energy on you and the things that you love and for you to fall in love with your own life.

The side effect of this is that they are going to miss you.

But you need to LET them miss you. Not think about them over and over again. Let them miss you!

You need to become your best friend and be in love with yourself.

Because what happens to so many people is that they have all these rules about dating and about potential partners that they keep themselves from enjoying people and enjoying themselves and this comes from low self-worth. I know, I know that’s like a bad word but it’s true. Despite all the success, all the external success and abundance, what we are left with is a sense of not being enough.

BUT…. If you fall in love with yourself, if you become your best friend and you enjoy being with yourself and you absolutely love your life the energy that you will project to the world will be so different. It will be magnetic. And they…. They will miss you!  

Love and light

Yari 💗





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